One Fine day, around a decade ago…We were in our outlet, a young lady came with a big closed container & said ‘please empty your pack and fill it in this container.’ We were surprised, asked her to carry 5kg pack as it is…she got nervous and said ‘my mom in law doesn’t like branded flours, but I know your quality..’, our staff emptied 5kg flour as per her instructions…She went away but that scene could convince us, ‘the decision of providing good quality products and decision of giving her convenience…’

We are in the business of Grain processing with an automatic factory in the industrial zone, Navi Mumbai…

Products are designed by consulting nutritionists…and our factory at Navi Mumbai has been certified by ISO 22000: 2005. Company has 2 own retail outlets in Mumbai…

We have more than 40,000 customers all over Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane…Products are available in major stores in each city…also in modern retail ‘Sahakari Bhandar, Star Bazar, Apna Bazar, Hypercity Retail India ….

By customer’s demands from abroad…we export to Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore….

Directors: Mandar Deshpande (B.E – Production), Mrs. Minal Deshpande (B.Sc – Physics, MMS)