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#TasteForLife Premium Chapati Atta has more than 40,000 customers all over Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. Our products get exported to Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore, to be able to meet our customers’ demands, even overseas. Our chapatis are softer than other brand chapatis, and are considered as a money saver by our customers. As 15% more chapatis can be made from our 1kg Premium Chapati Atta, compared to most other 1kg atta brands.

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We believe that natural wellness can be delivered through a range of tasty staple foods, and we strive to make them available to our dear customers at reasonable prices. Our conscious effort has always been to identify customers like you who are seeking a new way to be able to enjoy various Indian Foods.

The delicious aroma of our freshly baked chapattis, invite you to indulge in their sweet taste, calling you to have yet another bite…

Our chapattis contain 100% Bran, and wheat grains that are fully and naturally grown, ensuring that they contain all nutrients that make our chapattis healthier still. They are also cleaned, as if being washed thoroughly.

Our chapattis stay soft for more than 8 hours, so can be prepared only once in the morning. Saving time, efforts and if you employ a bai / maid to prepare the chapattis, money too.

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